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Putting children at the centre

Published on 17th October 2017

Mental Health Day - Kiribati (in 2017)

Published on 10th October 2017

October 10 is World Mental Health Day, a chance to promote good mental health practices and available services, and to address some of the stigma that still surround mental health and wellbeing. Read More

Education counts in Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Published on 8th October 2017

The Arawa School of Nursing is back

Published on 1st October 2017

 …And open for business! Prior to its destruction in 1988 during the Bougainville Crisis, the Arawa School of Nursing was known for producing some of the best-registered nurses in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Read More

VSA 2017 Annual Congress

Published on 27th September 2017

Climate action - A Zero Carbon Act by 2050

Published on 26th September 2017

10 Years of UniVols (5 Personal Stories)

Published on 24th September 2017

Growing peace in the papers

Published on 13th September 2017

A pair of VSA volunteers on short-term assignments joined forces to deliver a workshop with a difference in Solomon Islands, to involve the country’s media in peacebuilding efforts. Read More

Creating a flower garden on Ambae

Published on 28th August 2017

Creating a flower garden on Ambae

In her final post from Vanuatu, Riana makes a lovely analogy between volunteering and nurturing a flower garden... Read More

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