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Putting children at the centre

Published on 17th October 2017

Mental Health Day - Kiribati (in 2017)

Published on 10th October 2017

October 10 is World Mental Health Day, a chance to promote good mental health practices and available services, and to address some of the stigma that still surround mental health and wellbeing. Read More

Education counts in Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Published on 8th October 2017

The Arawa School of Nursing is back

Published on 1st October 2017

 …And open for business! Prior to its destruction in 1988 during the Bougainville Crisis, the Arawa School of Nursing was known for producing some of the best-registered nurses in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Read More

Climate action - A Zero Carbon Act by 2050

Published on 26th September 2017

Growing peace in the papers

Published on 13th September 2017

A pair of VSA volunteers on short-term assignments joined forces to deliver a workshop with a difference in Solomon Islands, to involve the country’s media in peacebuilding efforts. Read More

Engineers Without Borders signs partnership with VSA

Published on 14th August 2017

Engineers Without Borders signs partnership with VSA

This month, VSA was delighted to sign a partnership agreement with Engineers Without Borders NZ (EWBNZ) for conducting collaborative work in sustainable development across the Pacific. Read More

Back to Bougainville

Published on 31st July 2017

Back to Bougainville

Richard and Ann Green first lived in Bougainville in the 1980s, before the 10-year conflict that is estimated to have cost 15,000-20,000 lives. Recently returning as volunteers, three decades later, was emotional and rewarding. Read More

Kesaya Baba at the UN

Published on 12th July 2017

Kesaya Baba at the UN

Kesaya Baba, VSA’s Programme Manager – Solomon Islands, was chosen to attend the 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 61) at the UN in New York earlier this year. Read More

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Recent comments

  • Comment by Psique Nieto on Stephen Woolcott remembered in Netflix documentary
    "A few minutes ago I just watched the documentary on Netflix, and I was ecstatic with the pictures and photographs. Suddenly I was shocked to see the dedication and felt a weight in the chest. I immediately started investigating who Stephen was. I feel his loss, his attitude in the documentary was humility and love for what he did. It is very sad. My condolences from Colombia." - Psique Nieto
  • Comment by Ben Dover on Dodo rediscovered
    "hm hm hm" - Ben Dover
  • Comment by Lars by the ocean in Southern California. on Stephen Woolcott remembered in Netflix documentary
    "As the in memoriam photo of Stephen's kind, warm smile lits up the screen and Darren's words echo, "To treat every moment as fleeting", I realize how profound the short film I just watched is. It tells me that no matter how amazing our blue planet is or the universe as a whole, there will never be anything than will ever eclipse the precious interaction that take place when one human being connects with another and therefor a kind, warm smile is the most valuable gift we can give ♡ Thank You so very much to all that made this film possible.
    My kindest regards, deepest condolences and wishes that all the smiles Stephen gave will forever be of outmost comfort to loved ones." - Lars by the ocean in Southern California.
  • Comment by Kalena Jordan on Supporting Fisheries in Papua New Guinea
    "Kia Ora Oliver. If you're interested in volunteering with VSA, may I suggest registering your skills with us via: https://vsa.org.nz/what-you-can-do/register-your-interest/ That way, when any roles come up related to your skills, you will be emailed. Kind Regards, Kalena (Online Comms)" - Kalena Jordan