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Behind the camera in the Solomons

Published on 9th April 2014

As flash floods have devastated the Solomon Islands, New Zealanders have watched shocking footage of the damage done by the rain. A lot of that footage came courtesy of World Vision/VSA volunteer Blair Millar, who’s been on assignment in Honiara since January with his partner Rachel Skeates, also a WV/VSA volunteer.


Blair Millar 300

Blair, at his briefing in Wellington before heading out to the Solomons in 2013.

 A cameraman by training, Blair says “that’s my way of helping out, to document the stories”. Since the worst of the rain subsided, he’s been out and about every day, getting the Solomon Islands’ plight on camera. “You can hear about it, but until you see it, you don’t really know how bad the situation is.”


He is full of praise for the work being done by World Vision and VSA volunteers, saying especially that VSA Solomon Islands Programme Manager “has been doing an amazing job, keeping us safe and updated about what’s going on.”


He’s now spending time filming at the evacuation centres where, he says, “people are getting pretty desperate”.




Read more: VSA volunteers prepare to support Solomon Island partners.



Blair filming

Blair filming in Honiara (photo credit: Rachel Skeates/World Vision).


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