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Books on track to arrive soon

Published on 28th March 2013

Shipping agents in the Papua New Guinea port of Lae are in the process of sorting out a date to send a container of books to the Bougainville Library in Arawa, according to VSA’s international programme manager Peter Swain.


Peter, who is currently in Bougainville, says that the final paperwork needed to clear the books through customs has now been completed.


“I have been told by the shipping agent in Lae that the final paper work is complete and a date for trans-shipment to Bougainville is now being set.”


Boug Stori Haus doors

The Haus Stori doors, almost ready to open.


Once the books arrive in Arawa a VSA volunteer will work with local staff to get them on the shelves and help get the library up and running.


VSA volunteer Barry Binding will also return to Arawa to help local carpenters put the finishing touches to the building, which was designed by Wellington architect Paul Kerr-Hislop, and is made out of local materials using a mix of traditional and modern building methods.


Peter Swain, who is also a member of the Bougainville Library Trust, says that local people are getting very excited now that the library is almost ready to open.


“I met with the board of the Bougainville Heritage Foundation in the Haus Stori building today, and they are looking forward to the next steps in this journey together. It’s seen as a great community facility, and an important step in the rebuilding process after the devastation caused by the decade of conflict that ended in 2002.”


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