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Breadfruit on the menu at SIDS

Published on 21st August 2014

You’d expect to see breadfruit on the menu at an event in Samoa, but maybe not like this. At the UN Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in Apia (1-4 September 2014), food court vendors will offer gluten-free breakfast, lunch and dinner options thanks to the Scientific Research Institute of Samoa’s (SROS) gluten-free breadfruit flour, developed with support from VSA volunteer Ken Wong.

The breadfruit flour project, supported by VSA and the Tindall Foundation, has previously had success with Vailima Breweries’ special brew, but at the Conference it will have a global audience, with around 1000 international delegates attending.


Ken says that to date, SROS has made 300kg of breadfruit flour for SIDS and the Teuila Festival, one of the Pacific’s biggest cultural festivals, running at the same time. The breadfruit for the project is all bought from local farmers before being dried and processed by SROS – at the moment, Ken says, the only limit to production is being able to dry the fruit before it perishes. SROS is working on ways for farmers to dry the breadfruit on site, thereby increasing their income as they have more sellable product. 


Breadfruit breadfruit

Breadfruit on the tree.

Breadfruit Ken Wong

Ken Wong in the breadfruit lab.






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