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Partnership key to bat conservation in Bougainville

Published on 4th November 2016

Conservation of endangered bat species in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville has seen exciting progress in 2016, thanks to a partnership between Bougainville Bureau for the Environment, Bat Conservation International (BCI), Rotokas Ecotourism (RET) and Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA).


bat conservation team in Bougainville

Front (left to right), VSA volunteers Rebecca Vella-King and Alison Turner with Dave Waldien from Bat Conservation International (BCI)


The partnership was formed to develop a Conservation Management Plan for the biodiverse Kunua Plains and Mount Balbi regions, comprising more than 75,000 hectares.


A key focus of the plan was to conserve and protect endangered species such as the Bougainville monkey-faced bat, known as Vukere in the Rotokas language and indigenous to the region. This unique bat species (pictured) has not been seen by outsiders in nearly 50 years!


Bougainville monkey-faced bat (Pteralopex anceps)

The extraordinary and endangered Bougainville monkey-faced bat (Pteralopex anceps)


VSA volunteers Rebecca Vella-King and Alison Turner have been heavily involved with the project, Rebecca as representative for the Bougainville Bureau for the Environment (BBE) and Alison in her role as Ecotourism and Conservation Adviser with Rotokas Ecotourism Association.


During her trip to the conservation region, Rebecca also conducted some research focus sessions for BBE on the traditional knowledge of birds, songs, myths and legends, as well as the names of birds in the local languages.


Bougainville monkey-faced bat conservation

Meeting with Rotokas clan members to discuss the Conservation Plan


A vital ingredient in the conservation project's success to date has been the leadership shown by the Rokokas indigenous clans and their willingness to work side by side with representatives from the organisations involved to help protect their native forests and species.


Seeking the Bougainville monkey-faced bat

The conservation team scope the region to be covered by the plan


Rebecca Vella-King

Rebecca Vella-King (2nd from left) makes note of local species during her research focus sessions


bat conservation in Bougainville

Dave Waldien from Bat Conservation International (BCI), and Pedro Uravutu from Rotokas Ecotourism


Photos courtesy of Dave Waldien and Rebecca Vella-King



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