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Update on Cyclone Pam

Published on 12th March 2015

VSA is keeping a close eye on what is happening with Cyclone Pam.

We are in touch with all of our volunteers in Vanuatu, and have contacted their families. The volunteers have safe and secure accommodation to wait out the storm. We are concerned about what impact the cyclone will have on our partners and host communities, and will be ready to help once the storm passes.


A good source for information on the cyclone is: http://www.met.gov.fj/ Go to the Tropical Cyclone tab and you will see the available maps.


The Vanuatu met service website is also a good source of information. It includes satellite maps, current warnings and a Topical Cyclone tab.


  • Mary Little on 18th March

    Thank you to everyone who is offering to help. We've got a lot of information coming in and are processing it, figuring out the best way that we can support our partners in Vanuatu, in both the short and longer term. We will publish our advice on this as soon as possible - please keep an eye on the news section of our website and on the Facebook page.

  • Laurie Mabbott on 17th March

    I would like to go to Vanuatu to help. I am a retired nurse and have other skills that might be helpful. Please let me know how I can be of some assistance. Thank you, Laurie

  • Anna Howey on 16th March

    Hi, I am a middle grade paediatric doctor working in NZ. I have 10 days coming up at the end of April which I realise is 6 weeks away but if there is still a need I would like to volunteer my medical skills in the aftermath of cyclone pam for that period, if that is of any use. I will keep an eye on here and your facebook page. Best wishes, Anna

  • Mary Little on 16th March

    Hi Ian and Rodney - thank you for your offers of help. VSA will be working as part of a coordinated response with other NGOs and the Vanuatu government, and we will publicise how to contribute as that response gets underway. This website and our Facebook page are the places to keep an eye on, to see how you can help.

  • Ian Malazarte on 15th March

    Hi there., I'd like to join and volunteer for the relief efforts in Vanuatu for the victims of Pam. thank you

  • Rodney Lousteau on 14th March

    Hi I'm available to help , in the aftermath of this cyclone. I wear many hats , construction , rural agriculture large animals , animal husbandry . I'll work for nothing , just house me and feed me , have drivers , boat motor cycle licences . I realy feel for the rural folk in santos Cheers Rod rsvp

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