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VSA to work with UN Women to reduce gender inequality in the Pacific

Published on 22nd February 2013

VSA is joining forces with UN Women to work on projects that will help reduce gender inequality in the Pacific.


VSA is currently advertising for volunteers for seven assignments with projects in the UN Women’s Pacific programme. They include two projects working with women’s market initiatives, one working to reduce violence against girls and women, and one that will help women and their families cope with the effects of climate change.


UN Women was set up in 2010 to help the United Nations achieve its goals on gender equality and the empowerment of women. UN Women’s Pacific programme has four main goals: to advance gender justice in the Pacific; to end violence against women and children; to help Pacific women enjoy their economic rights, and to help Pacific women and their families adapt to and prepare for the effects of climate change and natural hazards.


VSA chief executive officer Gill Greer says it is exciting to be able to provide volunteers with the opportunity to work on assignments that will make a real difference to the lives of women in the Pacific.


“The countries covered by UN Women’s Pacific programme are some of the poorest and most vulnerable in the international community,” she says. “Many women in the Pacific are extremely marginalised. They face high levels of domestic violence, they often have few legal and economic rights, and they have the world’s lowest level of participation of women in parliaments and local governments.


“As a long-time advocate for the rights of girls and women in developing countries I am delighted that VSA will be working to reduce gender inequality in the Pacific.”


Find out more about the VSA/UN Women assignments here.


  • Mary Little on 24th August

    Kia ora Moana, Thanks for your comment. I'll send you an email with some details about how to get involved with this kind of work with VSA. Cheers, Mary (Comms officer).

  • Moana Teiho on 23rd August

    I would love to be a part of this helping women Ecole stronger to become advocates themselves would be a great goal. I would like to volunteer. I'm a nurse 47yrs old with 7 grown children 4 girls & 3 boys..I have 6 girl grandchildren. I'd love to do volunteer work with children n women and their families I am hospital pediatric trained nurse and currently work in comumity. I have had 7 years experience in a medical specialties ward at starship childrens hospital in Auckland NZ working with high complex needs and 3 yrs working in the community with our people. Domestic violence and elderly abuse are part and partial of the issues I deal with a weekly basis I hv bn involved in DV screening & reporting at starship hospital which is procedural quality monitoring & safety tool used on admissions to ward and followed up wen there is a confirming disclosure. I'm not sure if this is the volunteering I could be suited for but have a passion for the rights of women and children to live a life of equality and safe from exploitation and violence in addition my skills and life experiences confirm my ability to identify with women n children going thru abuse. I am cook island/Tahitian/Maori woman with deep cultural connections that will enable me to identify to my indigenous peers n face inequalities in racism which also affects our women and children at another level. If there is a chance I can be used anywhere I would dearly love to be contacted.

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