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Only in Samoa

Published on 22nd November 2016

As she wraps up 18 months on assignment, volunteer Kathryn Bilbe reflects on her time in Samoa... Read More

We are all peacebuilders in Solomon Islands

Published on 21st November 2016

We are all peacebuilders in Solomon Islands

In her first blog post for VSA, Jane Rutledge shares what she believes "peace" means in her daily life in Solomon Islands. Read More

Teaching in Samoa: my top 5

Published on 17th November 2016


In her latest blog post, Catherine explains her top 5 reasons why she loves teaching and volunteering in Samoa: Read More

My first official function in Kiribati

Published on 9th November 2016

My first official function in Kiribati

In his first blog post for VSA, Kiribati-based Volunteer David Major shares details about his recent attendance at an official function hosted by the President. Read More

Big Bay Bush

Published on 14th October 2016

Big Bay Bush

Stephen Soole recently journeyed up to Santo to meet beef cattle farmers. He shares his experience with us... Read More

First for Tonga – a pearl design competition

Published on 11th October 2016

Steve Hales updates us on the successful outcome of the inaugural Tongan Mabé Pearl Handicraft & Jewellery Competition. Read More

Stop the constant questioning

Published on 3rd October 2016


Samoa-based volunteer Thoraya Abdul-Rassol learns to stop questioning life as a volunteer... Read More

Wrapping up my time in Vanuatu

Published on 12th September 2016

Returned volunteer Alan Withy reflects on his time in Vanuatu and the highlights of his assignment. Read More

The Pacific Way

Published on 7th September 2016

The Pacific Way

Stephen Soole is impressed with a cross-cultural performance by children at Port Vila Central School... Read More

Tying it all together: training, communities and volunteers

Published on 29th August 2016

Bronwyn wraps up her Vanuatu blog with a report on her training visit to the islands of Ambae and Pentecost. Read More

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Recent comments

  • Comment by Jill on We are all peacebuilders in Solomon Islands
    "And the great thing is, that with no ciguatera there, you can eat all those delicious fish!" - Jill
  • Comment by Sarah on Teaching in Samoa: my top 5
    "How awesome is this! Brilliant job Catherine. You are certainly making such a positive impact on everyone's lives!" - Sarah
  • Comment by Maureen on Teaching in Samoa: my top 5
    "You are doing such a great job Catherine. I used to tell my students that I learned with them as well as them learning with me, and you'll know how true that is. It looks to me that you've found your vocation - if you enjoy it as much as I did that will be amazing. The one thing with teaching is it's always different and never boring (though it can be tiring and emotionally draining!) It's a joy to see the kids grow and develop. All the best" - Maureen
  • Comment by Frances on Teaching in Samoa: my top 5
    "Malo Catherine, thanks so much for giving your time to the school. Awesome photos and encouraged greatly to see the partnering work. Hope that I might meet you one day at a VSA event as my time with Loto Taumafai was during 2004. Talofa Frances/ Falansisi" - Frances