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Cook Islands

We send volunteers to the Cook Islands on short and longer term assignments focusing on building the capacity of the...

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Kiribati is one of the least developed countries in the world, with few natural resources. The economy is dependent on...

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We send volunteers to Samoa on short and longer term assignments focusing on promoting economic development and building local capacity...

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A number of challenges face Tonga’s economic development, including its small domestic market, skills shortages, high cost of power and...

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Tokelau is an external territory administered by New Zealand, situated 500km north of Samoa and consisting of three atolls: Atafu,...

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VSA first began working in Niue in 1968 with a small programme focused on supporting agriculture, education and the development...

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Development priorities

In Polynesia we concentrate our efforts on the following development priorities:

  • Rural livelihoods
  • Education
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Law and order and governance
  • Health
  • Climate change
  • Gender, children and youth inequalities

VSA aims to increase sustainable development through improving the quality of life in Polynesia by focusing our work on achieving outcomes in productive enterprises, with public service agencies, and with civil society organisations.

VSA’s work in Polynesia

VSA has worked in Polynesia from the 1960s, specifically in Samoa, Tonga, the Cook Islands and Niue. In 2010 VSA increased the number of short-term volunteer assignments in Polynesia and Kiribati (part of Micronesia). In April 2011 VSA established the position of Programme Manager (Polynesia) to lead the development volunteer programmes in Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati and Tokelau in the first instance, then look to expand opportunities in Polynesia.


Our Polynesia programme is sector-focused, based on local priorities: economic and small-business development, agriculture, fisheries, infrastructure, tourism, education and health.