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Become a VSA Partner

At VSA we want to provide more New Zealanders with the opportunity to volunteer.

Read about our VSA Partnerships Programme.

By establishing partnerships with NZ-based businesses and international organisations, we can work together to develop innovative volunteering opportunities which benefit both partners.

We currently have agreements with over 20 partners, ranging from fellow NGOs, to large multinational companies and UN agencies. 

“As a former VSA volunteer myself I know just how much you gain, both personally and professionally, from going on assignment with VSA. I am delighted to be able to offer staff at GHD the chance to experience life as a volunteer through our partnership with VSA.”

– Evan Mayson, Project Director, GHD New Zealand



"This is a significant partnership for World Vision. It provides another way for Kiwis to make a hands-on contribution by lending their expertise to our economic development programmes in the Pacific."

– Chris Clarke, Chief Executive Officer World Vision 



Why become a VSA Partner?

After more than 50 years in the volunteering and development business we know what we’re doing. We have selected, trained and provided support to over 3,000 volunteers since VSA was first set up in 1962.

Whether you’re an NGO, a government agency or a private sector organisation, becoming a VSA Partner will give you access to the expertise we have developed as New Zealand’s most experienced international volunteering agency.

Becoming a VSA Partner can also help you:

  • add value to your existing programmes and activities – or explore new opportunities
  • provide your staff with innovative leadership challenges and professional development opportunities
  • enhance your reputation as a responsible organisation in the wider Pacific
  • gain valuable experience of working with Pacific communities.

“I firmly believe that we can achieve more by working together than we can by working alone, especially in development where collaboration is essential to getting good outcomes. By co-operating in new ways we can create new opportunities together –  partnerships really are the way of the future.”

– Gill Greer, Chief Executive Officer VSA



How do VSA partnerships work?

Each partnership agreement is unique, but what they have in common is that they are intended to provide benefits for both partners while meeting our development goals and providing more New Zealanders with the opportunity to volunteer.

In some cases, we work with our New Zealand partners to create or fill assignments within our existing programmes – or, in the case of other NGOs, within their existing programmes. In others, we work together to develop new assignments that meet the development needs of our in-country partners while providing innovative volunteering opportunities for the New Zealand partner.

Partnership in action

Elzira Sagynbaeva 144

"The partnership with VSA is probably the first in my 17 years working for the UN where we are working with an agency that is really going to help us to sustain our efforts to deliver our programmes.”

– Elzira Sagynbaeva, representative for UN Women



Read Elzira's notes and slides from her key-note speech at VSA's Annual Congress 2013, in which she addresses how UN Women is working with VSA in partnership to create lasting change for the people of the Pacific.


Work with us as a VSA New Zealand partner

For more information on working as a VSA New Zealand partner, contact Elizabeth Owens, Partnerships Development Manager, by email or phone: 04 4958522

Check out the latest volunteering opportunities with our New Zealand partners. 


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