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Support VSA through payroll giving

If your workplace offers payroll giving you can nominate VSA as your chosen charity.

You can make a regular donation amount, direct from your pay. You'll receive an immediate tax credit of 33 and a third cents for each dollar you donate in that pay period. For example, if you donate $10 to VSA, VSA receives the full $10 but you'll receive a tax credit of $3.33. This means you don't have to claim your tax rebate at the end of the tax year.

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Why do payroll giving?

  • Convenience – You can fill in the form online, as quick and easy as internet banking.
  • Saves time – it only takes ten minutes, you don't need to post a form, write an email, save a receipt or fill out a tax refund claim.
  • Saves resources – It's a no-paper way of giving.
  • Saves your money – You don't have to wait months to get your tax refund, it goes straight into your account.
  • Security – Receiving a set amount regularly is helpful for VSA. Knowing how much we can expect each month makes it easier to plan and budget for our work.

What to do

  • Find out if your workplace is offering payroll giving. If they aren't, have a chat to see whether they can offer the scheme.
  • Nominate VSA as your chosen charity. Encourage your colleagues to nominate VSA as well.


To find out more about payroll giving, what it is and how it works: Download our brochure (PDF 1 page 2MB)

Find out more about payroll giving from payrollgivinginfo.org.nz.

Donate to VSA

It costs money to send volunteers overseas and every dollar you donate to VSA goes towards programmes that really do work.

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